Flights to Lakeland, FL: Explore Central Florida's Historic City

Palm trees and lakes, ahoy! We're steering you to a hidden gem in the Sunshine State - Lakeland, Florida! But before you start dreaming about the lake-dotted landscapes, let's dive into the adventure of landing the best flight deals to this tropical paradise.

Flights online

Now, while Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) is our local star, it's primarily focused on cargo and general aviation. So, for most of us wingless humans seeking cheap flights to Lakeland, our stop will likely be Tampa International Airport (TPA), roughly 41 miles west of Lakeland. A smidge further, at about 55 miles, we have the alternate landing strip of Orlando International Airport (MCO). That's less time than it takes to decide if you want to start your trip with an alligator spotting tour or a leisurely lake paddle!

Worry not about flight booking. Here, we've turned it into a walk in the park. At TPA and MCO, you’ll find a wide selection of airlines including Southwest, Delta, and American Airlines, offering direct flights and round trip flights from numerous "locations".

If you're the type to wake up one day and say, "I fancy a Florida escapade today," we've got your back. We can snap up those last-minute flights faster than a Florida gator snap its jaws! And speaking of snaps, prepare to be snapping away at all the flight deals we've got lined up. You're more likely to spot a mermaid than a lower airfare!

The journey begins

Once you've touched down and retrieved your luggage (don't forget the sunblock!), you'll find that getting to Lakeland is easier than finding a palm tree in Florida. From Tampa, you can catch The Greyhound bus number 2503, and from Orlando, hop on bus number 2074, both heading straight to Lakeland.

As for the ticket categories, we've got a wide range that suits everyone's pockets, from the economical escapists to the lavish leisure-seekers. Economy, premium economy, business, or first class - just take your pick and we'll do the rest.

So, let's wrap this up in a way that leaves you itching for your Floridian adventure. Booking flights with us is so easy, it’s child's play – simpler than choosing which of Lakeland's 38 stunning lakes to visit first. So, whether it's flights to the city or flights from your current "location," grab your airline tickets, pull out your favorite beach hat, and get ready to be drenched in the vibrant ambiance of Lakeland, Florida!